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You are not alone.   True healing is possible, and I am committed to helping you find it within yourself.


The world tells us that we must keep it together, be strong, keep pushing forward. The world criticizes our struggle and labels it weakness. The world teaches us to suppress our challenging emotions.  To resist them, tone them down or distract ourselves from them.

I have a different view. I believe that our emotions are messengers, a gift to be accepted and understood. I believe that when we can look our emotions in the eye and observe what they are saying to us, we find the place of deeper wisdom that will inform the choices we make in life as we move forward.  

Hear what Laura's clients are saying:

"The work that I was able to do with Laura in a short time was more valuable than the years of counselling I've done in the past."

"Laura was able to understand what I was trying to communicate even when I was having trouble verbalizing it.  She helped me to understand and accept ​myself so much more than I ever have."

"Laura really 'got me" in a way that no other counsellor has.  I felt really safe opening up and sharing with her.  She has this way of saying things that just hit my soul, phrases that I must immediately write down and take with me."


"Our lifestyles and experiences often have us living in our heads, disconnected from our bodies and the emotions that reside in them.

As a result, we go about the “business” of our relationship to our selves and to others in a disengaged fashion,

primarily unaware of our internal state at any given moment.

Healing always comes from within. I'm here to help you on that journey to self-understanding and self-love."

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